Ecuador spread lies about WikiLeaks founder - Julian Assange's lawyer

Police bundle Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy into a police van in London after he was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police and taken into custody Thursday

Ecuador spread lies about WikiLeaks founder - Julian Assange's lawyer

Footage from Russian state broadcaster Ruptly shows Julian Assange, heavily bearded, being forcibly removed from Ecuador's London embassy on Thursday. Reaction and analysis from former Justice Department counsel Jamil Jaffer and former senior investigative counsel Chris Staszak.

Julian Assange used the Ecuadorian embassy in London as a "centre for spying", the country's leader has said.

Speaking to the Guardian, President Moreno claimed Ecuador's old government provided facilities within the embassy "to interfere" with other states.

He told The Guardian: "We can not allow our house, the house that opened its doors, to become a centre for spying".

In an interview with The Guardian, Moreno said Assange's actions "violate asylum conditions" and the country's decision to evict him was "not abitrary but based on worldwide law".

"Our decision is not arbitrary but is based on global law", he said.

Assange, 47, was taken from Ecuador's London embassy by British police last Thursday after Ecuador withdrew his political asylum, ending a stay of nearly seven years.

The always-curious minds that populate United States and UK newsrooms have instantly accepted and promoted the notion that it was not extreme pressure from Washington that prompted Ecuador to finally push the eject button on Assange's stay, it was obviously this convenient "misbehavior" that got too much for them. "The withdrawal of his asylum occurred in strict adherence to global law".

Other accusations from Ecuador have included that the WikiLeaks founder played loud music, left the cooker on, smeared feces over the walls of his bathroom and left some dirty underwear in the toilet.

"We are absolutely happy to answer those queries if and when they come up", Robinson told Sky News television about the rape claims.

The letter to Moreno is dated 10 April 2019 - a day before Assange was taken from the country's London embassy.

Assange had entered the embassy on June 19, 2012 after losing his battle against extradition to Sweden where he faced numerous allegations, including rape. Sweden is considering reviving the investigation.

"And to suggest that someone would choose to remain in there without legitimate concerns about USA extradition, which is exactly what was proven this week, I think people can't really understand what it would be like to live in a room like that for a very long time".

"The European Union must take action to protect a politically-persecuted publisher and journalist", said the German politician, calling on Spain and her home country to grant Assange asylum.

Assange's next court appearance is scheduled for May 2.

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