Extinction Rebellion To "Pause" Protests As More Than 800 People Arrested

Take your time Duchess

Take your time Duchess

Members of Extinction Rebellion have occupied the bridge for several days as part of its tactics of disruption, which have included fixing a boat at the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street, occupying Waterloo Bridge and disrupting the Docklands Light Railway by climbing on a train.

An Olympic gold medallist was among activists arrested on Waterloo Bridge last night as police cleared the final section of carriageway after climate protesters spent a week camped out on the crossing.

There have been at least 830 arrests as Extinction Rebellion continued to demonstrate at Waterloo Bridge and Marble Arch in central London.

Since mid-April, London police have arrested almost 1,000 people as protesters stopped trains, blocked roads and superglued themselves to buildings in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience.

The Tory MP, who was Mayor of the capital before Sadiq Khan, said that the Extinction Rebellion activists are right to be anxious about the future of the planet. She added: "We can do that by showing we are disciplined..."

We are now facing an existential crisis, the climate crisis and ecological crisis, which have never been treated as crisis before.

It is not yet known if Mayor Sadiq Khan will be open to negotiations, given that he previously condemned the groups' behavior and called it an "extremely challenging" burden on police.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said on Saturday that the protests had caused "miserable disruption" and that there were now 1,500 police officers on the streets.

"I'm extremely concerned about the impact the protests are having on our ability to tackle issues like violent crime if they continue any longer", he said.

The schoolgirl has already met the Pope and addressed the European parliament. We must now decide which path we want to take.

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