Facebook Messenger introduces 'Dark Mode' for users globally

How to activate Facebook Messenger’s new dark mode no emoji required

Facebook Messenger introduces 'Dark Mode' for users globally

The only way to enable dark mode in Messenger was to send a crescent moon emoji in any chat, an Easter Egg activation available on both Android and iOS platforms.

A Bloomberg report recently claimed that Apple has a multistep initiative, codenamed "Marzipan" to help developers build apps that can work on iPhone and iPad in addition to Mac machines.

Multitasking on iPad will improve too it is claimed, with iOS 13 bringing multiple windows to apps, with each window offering sheets. Each of the windows will reportedly come with its own "sheet", which could be detached and moved around the screen freely as a card that can then be stacked and switched between quickly.

The clunky iOS undo function, which until now has involved shaking the device, may be usurped by a gesture.

2019 is already the year of a lot of things, the year of 5G, the year of foldable smartphones, and perhaps we can also say that it's the year of Dark Mode. In iOS 13, Apple will introduce a new gesture on the iPad: A three-finger tap on the keyboard, followed by a slide to the left or right, will let the user undo and redo actions.

Safari improvements. In iOS 13, Safari will automatically get the desktop version of websites when on an iPad. For instance, the Mail app developed by Apple is likely to become smarter, meaning the emails will be categorized as per different sections that might include marketing, purchasing, travel and more.

Apple is finally improving the Volume HUD in iOS 13. Further, font management on iOS 13 is also said to receive a major upgrade with a dedicated panel to manage fonts. Likewise, users would also be able to reset their position by double-clicking the divider.

A standard undo gesture will make its way into iOS 13 as well.

Additional features include a new font management tool in Settings, improved collaboration in third-party document-based apps, a new gesture for multiple items selection, better "Hey Siri" rejection for background noise, improved multilingual support for keyboards and dictation, and improved in-app printing controls.

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