Facebook will pull its apps from Windows Phone on April 30th

Facebook will terminate its Windows Phone apps on April 30

Facebook will pull its apps from Windows Phone on April 30th

So if you opened the Instagram app on Windows 10 Mobile today, you will notice that there is a message saying that the app will be discontinued on April 30.

Still, the departure of Facebook shouldn't surprise many Windows Phone users, who are holding on to a device that is on its death knell.

Facebook has decided that its remaining Windows Phone users have had enough time to switch to a different platform: it is ending support for its family of apps on the defunct mobile platform. Facebook's family of apps, which includes Messenger, Instagram, and the social network's main application, will no longer be supported on the devices from April 30. It mentioned that Instagram has sent notifications to Windows Phone users.

The software giant officially killed the Windows Phone business in 2016 following lackluster sales.

After again confirming it was moving away from Windows Phones in 2017, software and security updates ceased in December a year ago.

The loss of Messenger may be the most painful aspect of this news for Windows Phone users who will still be able to access Facebook and Instagram through a mobile browser.

Is there an app for that? may come to rescue the remaining hopefuls but we can all agree that there's a lot of inconveniences made using a windows phone in 2019 if it can't even do the basic functions of a phone.

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