Flight attendant in "deep" coma after contracting measles

Children usually get their first dose of the measles vaccination at one year then a second dose at age six

Children usually get their first dose of the measles vaccination at one year then a second dose at age six. Katja Fuhlert via Pixabay

Officials from Butte County Public Health said even though publiic exposure locations in Chico have been identified for these cases, the investigation is onging and more locations will be added the list of exposure locations.

Health officials in MI have confirmed that a measles outbreak in that state is linked to the ongoing crisis in the state of NY.

The woman - who had been healthy prior to contracting measles - was vaccinated as a child but only received one dose, which is considered less effective than the two-dose practice administered in the United States beginning in 1989, authorities said. "If you get to a few thousand cases, you'll start to see children die of measles again". The largest and most recent outbreak consisted of seven cases in Shelby County in 2016.

Travelers taking domestic trips should follow the general Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination recommendations.

"To slow down the measles outbreak in NY, government leaders have issued a "State of Emergency" in Rockland County and issued a 'Commissioner's Order", threatening to close private schools and/or issue $1,000 fines.

Measles is a highly contagious disease and can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, and death.

Outbreaks are occurring in two neighboring states.

The three Maryland cases join the reports of up to 90 new ones recorded in the second week of April across the nation. "We will make sure you get care, regardless of your ability to pay or whether you have insurance". Spring travel and attending large-scale events, especially in places with ongoing outbreaks, can increase your chances of exposure to measles.

The Ministry of Health has warned that people who were on board El AL flight 002 - which left JFK on March 26 and landed in Israel the following day- seek immediate medical care if they develop symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms may include: fever, runny nose, body aches, watery eyes and white spots in the mouth and is typically accompanied by a red, spotty rash that begins on the face and spreads over the body.

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