Florida Prosecutors Plan To Release Video In Robert Kraft Sex Scandal

Florida Prosecutors Plan To Release Video In Robert Kraft Sex Scandal

Florida Prosecutors Plan To Release Video In Robert Kraft Sex Scandal

The pixelated videos will reportedly show the Patriots owner receiving sexual services for pay on two different occasions in January, as prosecutors state they must be released due to Florida's open-records laws.

The media coalition's attorneys argued that the public has a right to obtain the video and that Kraft does not enjoy the right to privacy as a criminal defendant in a criminal case. Indeed, it already has. The filing also noted that as a practice, the state pixelates or blurs sexually graphic content.

Prosecutors have offered to drop the charges if Kraft and the other men enter a diversion program for first-time offenders.

"As the custodian of the records, [prosecutors] can not delay the release of records to allow a person to raise a constitutional challenge to the release of the documents", the office reportedly wrote.

He has pleaded not guilty.

In a written statement last month, Kraft said he is "truly sorry" and mentioned his wife, Myra, who died in 2011. That request is still pending before Judge Leonard Hanser.

Deadspin reports that Kraft's lawyers, William Burck and Alex Spiro, are targeting Florida's public records laws, claiming that they violate the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which is created to protect citizens from unlawful searches and seizures.

Prosecutors have not taken a stance in that case.

Kraft, 77, is accused of paying for sex acts at the spa twice in January.

Kraft and his legal team have fought hard to suppress the videos.

"As the Court may be aware, Mr. Kraft's case has generated more press coverage and media attention than perhaps any other misdemeanor prosecution in recent history", his lawyers wrote.

He went on to claim the media wants the video only for "eyeballs and clicks".

If released, the motion said, "these highly prejudicial, illegally obtained, irrelevant, and non-newsworthy Videos are guaranteed to be broadcast all around the country, thereafter making it virtually impossible for Mr. Kraft to obtain a fair trial not just in Palm Beach County but anywhere in the country". But whether the public will ever get to see the video evidence from inside the spa has dominated the coverage lately.

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