Get Ready to Pay for Paper Bags in NY

New York to ban single-use plastic bags

New York to ban single-use plastic bags

The bag ban is scheduled to take effect in March 2020.

With a deal in place to ban plastic shopping bags in NY, here's what you need to know about your future trips to the grocery store.

NY will also be one of the first states to impose a ban on single use plastic bags in grocery stores and other retail outlets, start next March. But as Jesse McKinley reports for the New York Times, the ban has drawn criticism from both business groups and environmental advocates.

Under the new legislation, NY counties would be able to levy a five-cent tax on paper bags, with part of the resulting revenue going to an environmental-protection fund. The Food Industry Alliance of New York State, representing many of those in the state's grocery industry, opposed the ban.

Proposed one year ago by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the state's plan will prohibit stores from offering single-use plastic bags to customers.

"I am proud to announce that together, we got it done", Cuomo said. New York's budget is due April 1st.

The budget also will include a new tax on prescription opioids. "We just have to dot the I's and cross the T's". Under the plan, localities can opt in to charging the fee.

"We think that a statewide fee would have been the most effective approach", she said.

"Production of the bags means cutting down trees, and there's a carbon impact", said Moran, who also noted that the transport of the "bulky" bags uses fuel, and paper itself requires lots of water to manufacture. "I'm exhausted of having to recycle them".

One of the other big issues of the year - the legalization of recreational marijuana - will not be included in the budget. Cuomo and legislative leaders have said the issue was too complex to rush into the budget. State lawmakers are working to finalize the proposal ahead of Monday's deadline, officials told the AP Friday.

"Doing the right budget is more important than doing on time", said Cuomo.

Supporters say the ban would help protect the ecosystem.

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