Gmail Now Lets You Schedule Emails, Launches Improved Smart Compose

Gmail Turns 15 Today Here's a Short History of Google's Email Service

Gmail was launched

Google's Gmail is turning 15 on April. 1. These days, the service boasts 1.5 billion users, plus another 20 or so who are finally being forced back due to the shutdown of Inbox. You simply need to open a draft or create a new message, then tap the three dot menu Schedule send on your smartphone. Google is enhancing it so it can supposedly emulate your writerly voice, meaning it can better adapt to informal ways of greeting email recipients now. Google first debuted Smart Compose in Gmail with the Pixel 3 past year and recently expanded it to include some Android devices.

Be sure to grab the latest update for the Gmail app and send a few birthday thoughts to the Gmail team over at Google.

Fifteen years ago, on April 1,2004, Google's free email service Gmail was launched. Thankfully, Gmail's native scheduling feature is easier than having to install a third party extension - and is integrated more elegantly into the Gmail interface. It can also suggest a subject line based on the email you've written. With a post on its blog, Google is making official its Smart Compose functionality available for all Android devices with Gmail (iOS support "coming soon").

The first big addition to Gmail is actually something people have been asking about for years: the ability to schedule emails.

Email scheduling will allow you to select a time and date for your message to be sent, accessible by clicking the arrow next to the regular "send" button. Last but not least, Smart Compose now works with Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. "For example, respond to a comment thread in Google Docs, browse hotel recommendations, submit an RSVP or schedule an appointment, explore the travel deal, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message".

On a related note: Where were you when Gmail entered beta in 2004?

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