Here's the deal with Kim and Kanye's sinks

Kim Kardashian Revealed How Her Fancy Bathroom Sinks Work

Here's the deal with Kim and Kanye's sinks

Kim's "73 Questions" with Vogue last week caused a huge stir among us normies when she showed off her bowless bathroom fixtures.

Namely, what's the deal with her weird, impossible sinks and freakish wall buttons? Kim described the design of her natural-hued house as a "minimal monastery" and she's not wrong because it's literally empty.

She revealed that her sinks were created by Kanye, the couple's interior designer Axel Vervoordt and architect Claudio Silvestrin. She explained that Kanye West actually designed the sink, and it sits on a slope so the water can properly drain into a tiny slit. She explained that, no matter how high you turn up the pressure, it never splashes.

"Okay, so, since everyone is a little bit confused about our sinks I thought I would show you guys a little tour of our bathroom", she began, panning the camera around the ridiculously large room, complete with a bathtub big enough for North, Saint and Chicago.

"Eight versions of this prototype sink was made", she said in the story, before demonstrating how the water from the faucet actually drains into small slits.

Well, with that mystery solved, Kardashian moved on to the odd trio of buttons jutting out from the wall, which also perplexed fans.

It's not only the bathroom sinks that are unusual, but the light switches too. "And there's no box around it, which I think is really cool and more visually appealing".

The reality star's home tour continued with a visit to her bedroom, where she showed off a massive 130-inch television that rises from the floor.

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