Jets unveil new uniforms, tweaked logo

Jets unveil new uniforms, tweaked logo

Jets unveil new uniforms, tweaked logo

The New York Jets on stage as they unveil new uniforms for 2019 at Gotham Hall in New York City on Thursday, April 4, 2019. I don't dislike the white top with green trousers (add the white trousers for Spotlight White) but it would come in third for me. A new secondary logo was also created for the helmets. The refreshed logo features the letters "JETS" in white, with a white football under it.

The new helmets are green with "Jets" featured in white on the side.

It's in this that fans were not too happy about the Jets' new unis. Before posing in the new uniforms, the players were asked to turn over their cell phones in an effort to protect the secret. The current logo and jersey design has been in place since 1998 and they added green trousers in 2002.

The Jets kicked off the redesign project in 2014. A new linear design, resembling a jet's flight trail, runs across the shoulders and down the pant legs. "No one wins games [because of] new uniforms.This is done at a moment when the Jets are changing course in a good way".

Social media had already been reacting to dozens of different leaks during the past few days, so when the news became official, it didn't hold back. While paying homage to the franchise's rich history, this campaign is about looking forward to the future.

It's definitely a more flashy look, which we like, but it doesn't really make sense for New York/New Jersey.

Tonight's launch was only the beginning of the team's re-brand. There will also be modifications made to the end zones and walling inside the stadium, along with video graphics.

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