Microsoft Launches Surface Hub 2S

Lori Grunin  CNET

Lori Grunin CNET

"Surface Hub 2S is a product built to engage and empower teams by bridging digital and physical workspaces, because how we work continues to evolve every day", Microsoft's Panos Panay writes.

The original Surface Hub was an enterprise-focused device, and that's not changing with the Surface Hub 2S. Up to four of them can be "tiled", side-by-side with a different app or service running on each panel, according to the company's original plans.But past year, Microsoft officials said the tiling feature was also tied to the 2X version, I was reminded today at the event. A modular hardware design means customers will be able to upgrade the Surface Hub 2S down to the road to enable new experiences as they become available.

In addition to a new form factor and updated specs and features, the Surface Hub 2S was announced alongside two mobility accessories that will be sold separately.

The Surface Hub 2S will be available starting in the U.S. in June, officials said.

Surface Hub 2S 50-inch will be priced at $8,999.99.

It costs $9,000 - some R126,000 - and will be available in June, but other accessories like a battery pack and mobile cart that lets you cart the Surface Hub 2S around an office don't now have a price tag or release date.

In brief: Powering the Surface Hub 2S is an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SD alongside Intel UHD Graphics 620. You can mount it to a wall, or pay $1,450 for the stand with wheels. You'd think even larger corporations would think twice before forking over at least $10k on multiple Surface Hub 2 units. The Surface Hub 2 Camera and Surface Hub 2 Pen are both included and attach to the device, with eight magnetic mounting points for the Pen.

However, the Surface Hub 2X - like the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S - will not be available until sometime in 2020.

Microsoft released a setup video, which walks through how to set up the mobile stand and battery that can be bought from its respective partners.

Microsoft showed off this concept years ago in one of its futuristic "envisioning" videos.

The 2X module will run Microsoft 365 - Microsoft's bundle of Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Management + Security. A Surface Hub 2 Display is also coming that will not include it's own computing component. It's believed the Surface Hub 2X will be based on the Windows Core OS and "Aruba" Surface Hub shell.

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