Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

According to a new report, Microsoft is working on another pair of headphones, this time created to take on Apple's AirPods with wireless earbuds powered by Cortana.

Citing multiple sources familiar with the company's plans, Thurrott reports that Microsoft is working on a pair of earbuds under the codename "Morrison" - possibly a reference to Jim Morrison, former lead singer of the Doors. In October past year, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Headphones with 40mm drivers and over-ear form factor.

The device is being developed as part of a secret project, codenamed 'Morrison, ' and could be coming as soon as later this year.

It's unclear how Microsoft's wireless earbuds might stand out if they do materialize.

It wouldn't be Microsoft's first foray into high-end headphones, either.

However, as Fast Company pointed out, Microsoft no longer considers Cortana to be a rival to Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri or Google's Assistant, so this wouldn't give the firm that much of a competitive advantage. With this product release, Microsoft will be expanding it's audio portfolio while trying to compete in more consumer product categories, though with Microsoft's track record it's also likely that the product may never come to market at all. The earbuds are said to come with Cortana integration and may include noise cancellation feature as well.

Sams believes a 2019 launch is plausible but not guaranteed; we'll have to wait and see.

While the new product could very well launch as Surface Buds, a final name hasn't yet been chosen, and Microsoft could change it at any moment should it have a different idea.

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