Microsoft to bring its best vehicle racing game to Android and iOS

Windows 10 free-to-play racing game Miami Street gets rebranded as Forza Street, coming soon to iOS and Android

Forza Street is a free-to-play PC game and the worst Forza game to date

Even then, it was expected to release as early as spring/Q2 2019, and as it would only be able to play digital games, it was reported it could cost as much as $100 less than the present system.

Street isn't a typical entry in the Forza franchise though - or, at least, it doesn't sound like one because we haven't played it yet. That said, the general interface and racetracks do seem to resemble Asphalt games, so we'll need some hands-on time with the game before passing judgment. It's not very involving and rather boring, but one of our trainee writers will be suffering through the game properly tonight. "Available today for free on Windows 10 devices, and rolling out to iOS and Android starting this year, Forza Street was designed for racing on the go with streamlined controls that focus on the timing of gas, brake, and boost as the keys to victory".

Unfortunately, Forza Street is strictly a single player experience for Windows 10, but Microsoft says they plan to add new features to the game in the months ahead. The trailer does briefly show vehicle and upgrade menus with what appear to be familiar F2P hooks, like an energy meter and two different currencies.

According to Windows Central, this is basically an updated version of a game called Miami Street. The Windows 10 download size is listed at 3.85GB, and while in-app purchases are mentioned, there are no pricing details available.

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