More rain possible into Easter Sunday

Grafiikka johon on merkitty pääsiäisen lämpötilat

Weather forecast for Friday Saturday and Sunday. Image Yle

Although showers are in the forecast for most of the holiday weekend, the biggest risk for a steadier period of rain is Saturday night into early Sunday. This is due to an uncertainty in the positioning of a slow moving frontal system which is battling against the high pressure to the east. Clouds will partially clear late afternoon from west to east. High temperatures stretch to near 70 inland, 60s at the coast. Rather cloudy over western areas with the risk of some rain at times.

Most people will get a chance to enjoy the good weather but the warmest conditions are expected in the southeast of England.

On the bright side, you're going to notice an incredible amount of leaves bursting out of the trees over the next four days.

IT IS likely to be a Great Friday if weather predictions are anything to go by, as Limerick is expected to experience the hottest day of the year so far. On Monday the temperature could be as high as 27C, breaking the Easter Monday record of 24.0C. The bulk of the rain happened this morning, now we're transitioning to hit or miss showers throughout the day. Extensive mist and fog on Saturday night, with patchy drizzle in parts of the west and north in near calm conditions.

Saturday: Unseasonably mild. Still some showers.

The highest recorded temperature over an Easter weekend was 29.4C, taken at Camden Square in London on Easter Saturday in 1949, the Met Office said. Winds will be light this morning, and then out of the South to 10mph this afternoon. We'll still deal with the clouds and a few showers, but at least we are tracking warmer weather.

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