Palestinians tackle blaze at mosque in Al-Aqsa


Palestinians tackle blaze at mosque in Al-Aqsa

The fire broke out in the guard room outside the al-Marwani Prayer Room Monday evening, according to a statement by the mosque's Islamic Waqf (Endowments) Department.

The prayer room is an underground vaulted space used as a Muslim prayer hall, some 600 square yards in area, at the bottom of stairs which lead down from Al Aqsa Mosque.

Also known as "Solomon's Stables", al-Marwani was most likely built by Herod the Great, a Judean client king of the Roman Empire during the first century BC.

The mosque is important in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as it features the gold-capped "Dome of the Rock": a holy shrine built on the site of biblical Jewish temples. A fire broke out at the sacred site just as a much larger blaze engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Firefighters rapidly put out the fire with no deaths or injuries reported.

As the city and the country grieved for a potent national symbol, billionaires, companies and local authorities have been quick to offer donations.

One of the structures in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has caught fire on Monday night at the same time a massive blaze was ravaging Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral.

He said: "We will rebuild Notre-Dame even more beautifully and I want it to be completed in five years, we can do it". "It's up to us to convert this disaster into an opportunity to come together".

"The Presidency confirmed its solidarity and sympathy with our friends in France over this incident", the outlet added.

The cause of the fire was thought to be an accident. The fire seems to have been started by children fooling around, and the waqf's statement urged worshipers "who live around the mosque and in the Old City to educate their children not to tamper with fire, especially inside al-Aqsa mosque".

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