Samsung's Delayed the Galaxy Fold Launch, Possibly Because of Faults

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ABIGAIL DOUGHERTY STUFFDavid Court says Facebook's planned voice assistant is probably the last thing the world needs

Reports have surfaced over the past couple of days of Galaxy Fold devices breaking.

The most impressive thing about the Fold was the fact this was not merely a concept but a foldable phone that Samsung was actually going to sell.

The company had been planning to release the Galaxy Fold on Friday, with a 3 May release date in the United Kingdom, but instead it will now run more tests and announce a new launch date in the "coming weeks".

The Galaxy Fold, priced at nearly $2,000, was hit by early reviews that showed several problems with test versions of the device.

Some said they had removed a protective layer on the screen that was supposed to stay on. Apparently Samsung has flagged the current hinge design as one of the issues causing an early death. Investigations are now underway within the company to find out what caused some reviewer's screens to break.

Samsung countered that it would make abundantly clear to buyers of the Galaxy Fold that the plastic was not meant to be taken off.

The firm has even delayed the Shanghai and Hong Kong launches of the Galaxy Fold. There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance.

"A review unit given to CNBC by Samsung is. completely unusable after just two days of use", CNBC's Todd Haselton wrote. The obvious reason would seem to be investigating the screen issues, but it's also possible that Samsung is using this time to more clearly label the display warning. We are encouraged by the excitement around the Galaxy Fold.

The phone was officially set to launch on April 26, and Samsung had begun to take pre-orders for the device online.

Samsung is pushing the Galaxy Fold's launch back until "at least" May, say sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The launch delay would give Samsung more time to change the in-box messaging instructing users to not remove this protective layer.

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