United States attorney general ready to release Mueller report 'within a week'

William Barr’s Mueller cover-up reveals America’s delusional dreamland about democracy | Will Bunch

Attorney General William Barr penned a less-than-four-pages summary of the nearly 400-page Mueller Report. Sait Serkan Gurbuz AP

Barr said in the summary that Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice and instead presented evidence on both sides of the question. It may have been premature.

Democrats have opened almost a dozen investigations of President Trump, but "at the top of the Democrats' list are three things they really want to see: Trump's tax returns, the full Mueller report, and Avengers: Endgame", Trevor Noah said on Tuesday's Daily Show.

Trump seems to be of the same mind. "I suspect that they probably wanted more put out", he said.

On Tuesday, Barr told members of Congress in his first public appearance since receiving Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report that his earlier projection of releasing a version by mid-April still stood. This is exactly what happened in 1974, when the grand jury materials from the Watergate special prosecutor's investigation were handed over to Congress. What can you tell us about that?

Barr is to give evidence on the report itself at separate hearings before the Senate and House Judiciary committees on May 1 and 2.

The impending release of the 400-page report is expected to shed light on some of the more contentious episodes of Trump's election bid and presidency, including his firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation head James Comey in 2017 and his campaign's contacts with Russians.

That didn't stop the president's allies from declaring victory. On Monday, the leaders of the House Judiciary Committee agreed to also call on Mueller to testify. The president himself seethed at a MI rally that the whole thing was an attempt "to tear up the fabric of our great democracy".

CHANG: OK. So other than the timeline of the release, what else did we learn from Barr today on the Mueller report?

Trump's inner circle knows there will likely be further releases of embarrassing or politically damaging information. Which means that Barr didn't want to say the President is wrong - which he is, at least on the question of obstruction - in a public setting. That is a change from Barr's past statement just 11 days ago when he said in a letter sent to the chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees. And there is fear among some presidential confidants that the rush to spike the football could backfire if bombshell new information emerged.

The new attorney general's budget testimony - traditionally a dry affair, and often addressing the parochial concerns of congresspeople - came as Democrats were enraged that he was redacting material from the report and frustrated that his summary framed a narrative about Trump before they were able to see the full version.

Barr said he will redact four categories of information, and "with all that stuff missing, it's going to read like an investigative Mad Libs", Stephen Colbert said at The Late Show. He said that he had "some inkling as to some of the thinking of the special counsel" due to public reporting on indictments, etc. filed by Mueller. Republicans have asked for this investigation now that Mueller has completed his investigation.

LUCAS: Well, the Justice Department's inspector general is looking into alleged surveillance abuses in the Russian Federation investigation. Barr concluded there was not enough evidence to take the case to court.

"Time really is of the essence", he said.

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