Watch SVU meet Game of Thrones on Saturday Night Live

Watch SVU meet Game of Thrones on Saturday Night Live

Watch SVU meet Game of Thrones on Saturday Night Live

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington refused to reveal any spoilers from the show's final season, not even to his co-stars, in his debut Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue.

A fresh-shaven Harington opened the show by joking that he was more of a "pre-pubescent Jon Snow", or "Jon Snow if he played for the Yankees", because of the New York Yankees' reputation for enforcing a strict hair policy for players.

When she retorted that he was dead, too, he said, "That was different, and you know it". Emilia Clarke and John Bradley were among those who came along to prod Harington with some key questions about the finale, while real-life wife Rose Leslie wondered how they were going to keep living their "Uber Eats every night" lifestyle after the show is done.

"Well yeah, but you know, I forgot", Clarke said.

She later asked him, "Hey, you remember in season six when we had sex?" "It's been so damn long since the last season". "I spent my time dealing with a dragon, which was just a tennis ball on a stick". While Harington said yes, Bradley wanted to come by next Tuesday at 6 a.m., to which Harington said he was busy, so Bradley answered, "Wow". And Leslie, the bloody legend, didn't care about the final season. Mariska replied, "Bingo." In some of the other spinoffs, Jon Snow deals with "forbidden love" with a White Walker in the show Castle Black, a cartoon Arya stabs a football player in the throat in a Daria parody, and Sam Tarly and Gilly star in a the sitcom The Queen of Kings Landing. Those that you look back upon and see a clear mistake, and that if they'd only done something differently, they would actually have lived.

It's been the better part of a decade, and everyone really, really wants to know how Game of Thrones ends.

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