Wendy Williams Files for Divorce

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A spokesperson released a statement Thursday saying, "We respect their privacy regarding personal matters", after asked by Inside Edition about the divorce.

And while this was all happening, there was some stuff going on with Hunter that possibly could have led to Williams' apparent emotional breakdown: Just a few weeks ago, his alleged longtime mistress Sharina Hudson gave birth to his (again, alleged) baby girl.

TMZ reports that Wendy has officially filed for divorce and served her soon to be estranged partner at the Wendy Williams studios.

Welp, as you know, Hunter's infidelity wasn't the only thing rumored to be wrong with Williams and Hunter's marriage. The hot topic host ultimately confessed that she was seeking help for drugs and/or alcohol (she never specified which one or both) dependency, but was living in a sober house to help her address her history of addiction.

The divorce news comes after Williams notably flaunted her lack of a wedding bandearly Thursday on her hairstylist's and makeup artist's social media. She reiterated that message on her talk show, in the return episode following Williams shocking two-month hiatus.

In 2008, Hunter was accused of sexually harassing a staffer on his wife's radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience.

A representative for Williams declined to comment.

The 54-year-old's hairstylist and makeup artist, Robyn Michele and Merrell Hollis, shared a video of them helping Wendy get ready for today's show, and when the camera was put on her, she went out of her way to show fans that she was wearing her beloved flower ring instead. "I'm still very much in love with my husband".

On April 1, Page Six noted that Wendy was near the breaking point in her marriage and was "exploring what a separation would look like." . When she returned in early March, she infamously waved her wedding ring and said, "It ain't going anywhere - not in this lifetime". Months later Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter.

After 21-years of marriage and one child together, Kevin Hunter Jr. age 18, made choosing to leave her husband hard for Williams.

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