Aaron Rodgers Appears as Soldier in 'Game of Thrones' Cameo

Screenshot  Twitter

Screenshot Twitter

A Starbucks cup from out of the realm appeared to be sitting on the table. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, who's been a longtime Thrones fan, confirmed his appearance in an Instagram post Sunday night.

However, this time Rodgers wasn't on a football field, but instead making a cameo appearance on the HBO hit series Game of Thrones.

Fans have been trying to pinpoint the Rodgers cameo.

But when asked by Patrick what role Rodgers would like to play, Rodgers said: "I definitely want to be killed or in one of the steamy scenes for sure". From the looks of it, Rodgers might have appeared twice in two blink-and-you-miss-it moments, first as one of the Lannister archers.

In another, he looks to be an archer with the Golden Company, standing third from the right.

Rodgers has also posted about the show on his social media accounts pretty frequently.

Rodgers made a brief appearance in the show's penultimate episode, and fans were quick to notice.

"I was helping a woman, who was injured... then the hell with her I'm getting out of there", Rodgers said in the video.

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