Android Q is getting Dark Theme

T-Mobile is purportedly stocking up on Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones

T-Mobile is purportedly stocking up on Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones

Adoption woes: Google has always had trouble getting its latest Android versions to users.

Even more important is that in the new Android Auto, navigation no longer has to be interrupted when you use another app. Google is also able to do all of this on-device, so it's more secure and also doesn't need a network connection. Drivers can choose to respond at a time when it's convenient during their trip. Google has added a new Focus mode with witch you can select the apps you find distracting- such as email or the news - and silence them until you come out of Focus mode. The navigation bar at the bottom is extended with controls for music playback, for example, so that you can quickly jump to the next track. Where there was previously an extra space, there will now be next-turn directions and playback controls.

"Your [screen] is the most power-hungry component in your phone", Cuthbertson said. Some of the new features include using the camera to enable AR search results, navigating Pixel phones with the Google Assistant, and captions for nearly any video - with no internet needed to create them. The update is expected to be rolled out to compatible devices later this summer. Google has now updated the connectivity suite with new features and a revised interface.

Google also announced ways it's encouraging Android developers to use Kotlin, the fast-growing programming language. Google also showed off a new smart home hub - the Nest Hub Max, along with a new, low-end Pixel - the Pixel 3a. If someone calls you, you can accept these buttons quickly or reject them with a message.

Your phone can become the ultimate dashboard screen with Google Assistant's upcoming "driving mode".

Finally, Google is working more closely with manufacturers, like Volvo's Polestar, Mitsubishi, Renault and Nissan, to launch its full infotainment platform in more cars in the near future, according to Engadget.

Android Q Beta 3 comes packed with numerous improvements and new features that early adopters may enjoy if they feel fearless enough to enrol their devices into the Android Q Beta program.

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