‘Arthur’ character Mr. Ratburn comes out as gay, gets married

Mr. Ratburn and his husband get married and become the superheroes we need in Arthur

‘Arthur’ character Mr. Ratburn comes out as gay, gets married

The PBS animated series "Arthur" surprised many people during the premiere of its 22nd season.

According to the fan page ArthurWiki, "Mr. Ratburn is primarily known for being a strict teacher, but he has many other hobbies outside of the classroom, including puppetry, playing in a rock band, and bird-watching". When they see him having lunch with an uptight woman who tells him to "toughen up", the kids believe their teacher is making a mistake in getting married and try to sabotage the ceremony.

The revelation resulted in a mass outpouring of happiness and celebrations over the internet, with some even suggesting they "knew all along". Another fan wrote online, "i'm grown ass is still watching Arthur and y'all, when i saw that Mr Ratburn got married aND HES GAY, my wig got snatched".

While one Twitter user asked why no-one was talking about the fact Patty was also "clearly" gay. "They just go into low-power mode and watch documentaries". Congratulation Mr. Ratburn! Make sure you don't hog all the wedding cake.

Immediately, the children grow concerned when they witness a woman (voiced by Jane Lynch) telling Mr. Ratburn to "toughen up".

The outlet reported that a 2005 episode of a related PBS show featured another gay character. In the episode "Postcards from Buster", Arthur's best friend met children with two moms while on a trip to Vermont.

In the episode "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone", the title character's third grade teacher marries another male character.

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