Bruised Aussie opposition set to anoint Anthony Albanese as new leader

Labor frontbencher Clare O'Neil in Question Time

Labor frontbencher Clare O'Neil in Question

THE Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) has cautiously welcomed Anthony Albanese as federal Labor leader after he was elected unopposed on Monday.

Mr Albanese, who will be confirmed as leader by the Labor caucus on Thursday, said he wanted to reach out to voters who wanted to support his party but felt they couldn't, as he laid out a platform that was at times reminiscent of his failed predecessor Bill Shorten.

The incumbent Liberal-National Party Coalition (LNP) and Prime Minister Scott Morrison defied opinion polls, all of which projected a Labor victory, to win a third term in government.

"I understand that it is a big mountain that we have to climb", Mr Albanese told reporters in Sydney, where he holds his Lower House seat, yesterday.

While Albanese had the job of opposition leader all but locked down last week, the weekend saw media riled over who would act as his deputy. "We need to ensure that at the next election we receive far more substantial support because I believe very firmly that this country needs a Labor government".

Labor's large and progressive policy reform agenda, which it campaigned heavily on, and Mr Shorten's unpopularity with voters have been blamed for the election upset.

Australia Labor party leader Anthony Albanese.

The Labor party performed particularly poorly in Queensland state, where Shorten was perceived to be lukewarm about a potential large India-backed mine that promises to create thousands of jobs.

"People who put on overalls, go to work, get dirty, come home. I view unions and business as having common interests", he said.

"I have been elected to lead, but I pledge to always remember that we are also here to serve", Mr Albanese said. "It's important we make sure we're talking to the widest range of people we can", Marles said on Sunday.

Albanese briefly served as deputy prime minister under former Labor PM Kevin Rudd in 2013, and was also infrastructure, transport and regional development minister.

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