Burger King to offer a meatless Whopper

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Burger King to offer a meatless Whopper

The test kicked off on April 1, with the Impossible Whopper being offered to customers at 59 locations around St. Louis. The company stated it might expand sales nationally.

The Burger King website lists its regular Whopper as containing 660 calories, while the Impossible patty packs in about 240 calories, with eight grams of fat, 370mg sodium and 19g protein, obtained from a soy-protein concentrate.

The meatless burger is meant to "give somebody who wants to eat a burger every day, but doesn't necessarily want to eat beef everyday, permission to come into the restaurants more frequently", Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King North America, told CNN Business.

The company said it "recognizes the inconvenience that this shortage is causing and sincerely apologizes to all customers, particularly those who have come to depend on the additional foot traffic and revenue that the Impossible Burger has generated". The main competitor of Impossible Foods envisions a $35 billion market for pseudo-meats in the US. "And based on guest reaction, we made a decision to advance our plans to expand the Impossible Whopper to select new markets this summer", said Cil to Engadget.

The Real Meals boxes - which include the Whopper meal or a Whopper, fries, and a drink - are available at a handful of locations in Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City starting Wednesday.

"And we're going to target a national rollout toward the end of the year, if guest reaction continues to remain as strong as we've seen in St Louis". 5,000 restaurants in the country already have the Impossible Burger on their menus, such as Red Robin and White Castle.

Rival meatless maker Beyond Meat estimates the plant based-meat market could eventually soar to $35 billion in the USA alone, CNN said.

The Toronto-based company reported net income of 53 cents.

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