Coca-Cola Bringing Back New Coke for STRANGER THINGS 3

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The failed beverage was scrapped after a mere 79 days on shelves (everyone hated the new taste), and considering that a brand new teaser/ad for Stranger Things and Coke features Steve (Joe Keery) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) drinking the beverage at the movie theater, I guess Season 3 takes places during those dark 79 days. The relaunched product will be made from the same recipe that was shelved in 1985. But customers, by and large, rejected New Coke, as it was dubbed, because, well, Coca-Cola was pretty great as it was. "Of all the things people have nostalgia for, why did New Coke have to be brought back?" one person tweeted after hearing the news. The Duffer Brothers, who created the sci-fi drama, say they meant to include New Coke in the storyline anyway, with it being 1985, the historic summer of the soda's debut (nevermind that we have no Upside Down or Demogorgon in our timeline).

"The summer of 1985 did in fact change everything for us with the introduction of New Coke, which was also arguably one of the biggest pop culture moments of that year", said Oana Vlad, director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America. "It would have been more freakish to not include it", they explained.

Netflix executives studied vintage New Coke packaging, advertisements and marketing in order to ensure the look was authentic, while Coca Cola executives looked to the original recipe, which had been locked away in a safe since its failure.

Coca-Cola will be bringing back a limited number of New Coke cans to celebrate the return of "Stranger Things", which has featured the New Coke product in past episodes, CNN reports.

Starting on May 23 at 5 p.m. ET, Coca-Cola will release a limited-supply run of New Coke at the company's online store. The new promotion is created to "break the internet" Kronauge said. "So it's important for us to make sure that we are where our consumers' eyeballs and hearts and spirits are".

Stranger Things 3 will premiere on Netflix on July 4.

In total, Coca-Cola will send out 500,000 cans to the nation as a part of the promotion, according to The New York Times. Happy hunting, Stranger Things fans! Also, original Coke will be available in limited-edition packages with Stranger Things designs on them.

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