Constance Wu clarifies tweets expressing dismay over sitcom renewal

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Fresh Off the Boat spent its first four seasons as part of ABC's Tuesday-night sitcom block. Last year, she starred in the hit film Crazy Rich Asians and her performance garnered her a Golden Globe nomination.

In a series of tweets, Wu groused that she was "so upset now that I'm literally crying". "Fuck", followed by "Fucking hell".

Leaving no doubt on her true feelings, a fan's congratulations on the "great news" was slapped down by Wu with a sullen reply: "No, it's not".

After a series of other comments - even writing "dislike" on ABC's Instagram post about the show's renewal (which she later deleted) - Wu posted another tweet attempting to explain her previous tweets.

Constance Wu said she was initially unhappy that "Fresh Off the Boat" was renewed for a sixth season because it meant she had to give up another project she was passionate about. She elaborated by saying that as much as she loved Fresh Off the Boat, it's "fun and easy and pleasant", and she was excited by an opportunity that would have been more of an "artistic challenge".

In the post, she also acknowledges that her "words and ill-timing were insensitive to those who are struggling" and that she knows "it's a huge privilege that I even HAVE options - options that FOTB has afforded me". Wu connected the dots - yes, her anger did have to do with renewal news, because it required her to pass on another acting job.

When one fan tweeted to her: "Congrats on your renewal! F-", she wrote, before adding, "F-- hell".

Each spring, the networks behind your favorite TV shows put them on the chopping block, delivering renewals and cancellations in abundance. Some also compared her to Katherine Heigl, who famously drew criticism in 2008 when she criticized Knocked Up, the movie that made her the most famous. "I do regret that and it wasn't nice and I am sorry for that". "Stop assuming", she stated to her followers, before sending another Tweet expressing her love for the cast and crew, as well as revealing she is thrilled to continue with FOTB. But I do love and enjoy it.

Now, Wu is responding to the backlash she has received over these negative tweets. "I hope you believe me", Constance wrote.

"That conflict is part of being human", she said.

She goes on to thank and appreciate those who have read her words and believed her. "You're making an assumption".

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