Epic Games Store Mega Sale backfires as Paradox pulls Bloodlines 2

Epic Games Store Mega Sale backfires as Paradox pulls Bloodlines 2

Epic Games Store Mega Sale backfires as Paradox pulls Bloodlines 2

If you've purchased Vampire: "The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 during the period when the discount did apply at the time of check out, Epic will honour that price".

The Epic Games store has been in the news a lot of late, largely because of the exclusives it's managed to secure - be they the few titles that will only ever be available via said online store, or simply timed exclusives, like Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3. It seemed to be smooth sailing for the sale, but then two major games suddenly vanished from the store.

Paradox Interactive's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and Klei Entertainment's Oxygen Not Included are no longer available on the Epic Games Store as of this writing.

The store recently kicked off its first big sale, a Mega Sale no less, bang around the time that we got wind of when the Steam Sale would be starting, next month.

The game's retail price is now $24.99, up from $19.99 at launch, based on continued improvements and additions we've made so far in Early Access, including: "an entire new biome, 7 new fully voiced characters including 4 new bosses, hundreds of new fully voiced narrative events, 10 new enemy types, a new weapon, and dozens of new powers and abilities". It appears Paradox were unhappy with the £10 discount, even though they would still get the full price for the game, Epic were going to fund the discount themselves.

Once more information is available we'll provide an update.

Epic's new PC game mega sale should've been a huge opportunity for excitement, savings, and most importantly, game sales. That was our mistake, and we sincerely apologize. It's also not possible to browse these games through the Epic Games client.

As a result, publishers literally started yanking their games from the storefront to avoid the sale. I'd guess thatit has to do with devaluing games (or the perception of them being devalued) before they're out. Games like the freshly announced John Wick Hex, Borderlands 3, and Hades are up for grabs with hefty discounts in tow. In Paradox's case, it's doubly dicey, seeing as Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 isn't out yet.

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