Four disappointing scenarios for 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery

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The NBA's new lottery system has several teams in serious contention to land the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft.

This year's draft lottery isn't as sexy as years past, when the Celtics were flirting with the chance at landing the top pick, but it certainly is an important night for the franchise.

Zion is the first pick in this year's draft no matter with which team the pick lands.

Also, would the Mavs choose to trade the pick? The Hawks have a slim chance of winning this year's top pick. But with the sixth-highest odds, the Wizards have nearly as good a chance at getting the first selection as they do the fourth (9.6 percent). The bottom three teams have the same odds at both the No. 1 pick (14 percent) and staying in the top four (12 percent). There's an 18.9% chance of them dropping to No. 11 if one of the four teams behind them cashes in on their odds of jumping into the top four.

Additionally, the team with the worst record used to be guaranteed to receive no worse than the fourth pick. With the goal of curbing tanking efforts, the first four picks in the draft are now ordered by the lottery as opposed to the first three in the previous structure. Just by being on the Knicks, he makes them an infinitely more appealing team.

Once the lottery has concluded, New Orleans' plans for its first round pick will be easier to determine.

What's up with all the Zion Williamson talk?

"I'm told if the Knicks get the number one overall pick they would shift their focus toward a potential deal for Anthony Davis", he said. NY has been the long-rumored destination for Golden State forward Kevin Durant while Boston point guard Kyrie Irving could also wind up with the Knicks. Whichever team gets the No. 1 pick will nearly certainly pick him, and it could change the entire direction of a franchise.

This scenario would significantly hurt Boston's chances of getting Davis.

New Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosas will be representing the team on stage.

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