Google Looking to Make Foldable Phones

Google Looking to Make Foldable Phones

Google Looking to Make Foldable Phones

As I said before, everything that Google bakes into Android will find its way into a Pixel phone - remember's past year notch support in Android P?

It is unclear how the company would develop its foldable prototype or how its screen would operate when opened and closed. Even if some of them are only concepts and may not become a reality, it's exciting to think about the many possibilities. A Xiaomi foldable phone was already demoed in a video.

It's now confirmed! Google is indeed interested in joining the Foldable club. That doesn't mean Google will go the same way with its Pixel foldable.

Earlier this morning the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL were announced during the I/O 2019 keynote.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold's postponement due to displays breaking may be a factor why OEMs need to wait a bit. They've been doing it for a long time now, he says, but they're not in a rush to market, unlike Samsung and Huawei. "The use case is going to need to be something where you go, 'Hey, I definitely need to have this.' Right now, you don't need to have a foldable".

In a conversation with CNET, Pixel hardware team lead Mario Queiroz said that the company has been prototyping the form factor for "a long time", but has found no compelling goal to bring a product to market, calling it a "nice-to-have" thing.

A foldable phone is now "nice to have" but not yet a "need". Admitting that folding phones are more of a novelty gadget than a must-have, Queiroz said that foldable smartphones need to be "more innovative" and offer something beyond a larger screen.

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