Google releases 53 gender fluid emojis, coming first to Pixel phones

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For customers with older phones looking to avoid the hefty price of Apple's newest iPhones - the more "affordable" XR costs $700 - its offer could be exactly the push they need to make the leap to Android device. The emojis will be available this week as part of the Android Q-beta on Pixel phones. The company will also accept phones from Huawei, Samsung, Motorla, and LG as well as older models of Pixels. Tap the picture and you'll be taken to your privacy controls.

It has introduced a control feature that lets users choose a time limit to save location history, web and app activity data for either 3 months or 18 months.

Google is so serious about enticing iPhone users to switch to its new Pixel that it's offering to give would-be defectors $100 in store credits. Later this year they will be on all phones that work with Android Q. The new mobile operating system is likely to be in August.

Chrome has more restrictive cookie and fingerprint controls; users will get more visibility into how their data is used to personalise ads; and anyone with a Nest account will soon be able to migrate their Nest account to Google with additional protections including two-step verification, notifications, and alerts. Having you swipe from the left or right edge of your phone, like Xiaomi does, to go back.

A new dark mode will be included for people who dislike seeing the bright white light of the background.

Google in its annual developer conference announced the Android Q Beta and now it has been announced that the search giant is adding 230 new emojis which also includes 53 exclusive gender-neutral emojis.

It will also help families control their children's use of their phones more using the Family Link parental control setting, which can add time limits to apps and even lock the device at night.

Last year Google was fined €4.34bn (£3.8bn) by the European Union for abusing its control of the operating system by forcing vendors to pre-install its apps. Android devices that run 7.0 or later can also use security keys for two-factor authentication.

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