Homeless woman, 25, whose body was found near tennis courts is identified

Homeless woman, 25, whose body was found near tennis courts is identified

Homeless woman, 25, whose body was found near tennis courts is identified

A 27-year-old homeless man has been charged with the murder of Courtney Herron.

He will appear at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court later today.

On Sunday, Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper told the media that Herron was the victim of a vicious physical attack.

Initial post-mortem results have not found evidence of sexual violence against Herron.

The inspector said that Ms Herron had experienced issues with drugs and mental illness.

Mr Stamper said the attacker did try to hide the body and there was no evidence as yet that it was a sexually motivated crime or if a weapon was used.

It's understood the woman's body was found under a tree within a bushed area of the 181-hectare park.

"The level of violence involved here was extreme in my view", Stamper told reporters on Sunday afternoon.

A message on a bouquet of flowers laid at the site where Courtney Herron's body was found in Royal Park, Melbourne. "Family relationships can be fragmented but I stress that doesn't mean families out there don't love their children".

Norris said her brother had lived with Herron in the inner northern suburb of Northcote for "many years".

Police believe she was assaulted at the scene overnight, between Friday and 9.25am Saturday morning.

A floral tribute placed where Herron's body was discovered.

Ms Herron's killing has sent shock waves among the wider Melbourne community with prominent and everyday Victorians outraged over the death of yet another young woman.

It was just a short distance from Princes Park, where the body of aspiring comedian Eurydice Dixon was found on 12 June past year.

"She has a younger sister and adult brother and was part of a attractive caring Greek/Aussie family raised in the northern suburbs".

In April Natalina Angok's body was found dumped in Chinatown, allegedly killed by her one-time partner Christopher Allen who has been charged.

"This is a bad tragedy", Mr Andrews told reporters on Sunday.

Courtney Herron's body was found on Saturday in Parkville.

'We are committed to finding the person, or people, responsible for this horrific attack, ' Detective Insp Stamper said.

Police were unable to confirm if the attack on Herron was random or sexually motivated, however both of these possibilities are being investigated.

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