Japan's Naruhito ascends to the throne

Japan's Naruhito ascends to the throne

Japan's Naruhito ascends to the throne

"I swear that I will act according to the Constitution and fulfill my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of Japan", he said in the Sokui-go-Choken-no-Gi ceremony, which was held in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Naruhito's mother, Michiko, was born a commoner and was Catholic educated. Together, they reached out to the people, especially those who faced handicaps and discrimination, and natural disasters.

As his older brother accepted the Imperial Regalia of sword and sacred jewel in the solemn investiture ceremony for Japan's new emperor on Wednesday, Crown Prince Akishino looked on impassively.

Then-Princess, now Empress Masako expressed her joy at Toshi's birth, but in a country where girls can't take the throne, it wasn't good enough for everyone. However, Japan's current law restricts females from inheriting the throne.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Emperor attended a ceremony to appoint officials with Imperial attestation for Nobutake Odano as the grand chamberlain and Chikao Kawai as the grand chamberlain for the joko Emperor Emeritus.

Nevertheless, Japan was in a festive mood as it celebrated an imperial succession prompted by retirement rather than death.

Akihito's abdication marked the first time in more than 200 years that the occupant of the throne stepped down.

Akihito will technically remain emperor until the stroke of midnight when Naruhito takes over and the new era of "Reiwa" - meaning "beautiful harmony" - begins, lasting for as long as he reigns.

The day of the photo, April 29, was the last Showa Day, a national holiday honoring the birthday of the Emperor Showa, of the Heisei Era (1989-2019).

"Opportunities like this don't come by often so we thought it would be a day we won't forget", Nishimura said.

Naruhito also received messages from President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping. His era was the first in Japan's modern history without war.

She said both Singapore and Japan share excellent ties and that she is looking forward to "working closely with Your Majesty to continue deepening the relations between our two countries" in the years ahead.

On his way to and from the palace, he lowered his vehicle window, smiled and waved at people cheering on the sidewalk. He and his family will still live at the crown prince's Togu Palace until they switch places with his parents. After the ratification of Japan's post-WWII constitution, the position became largely symbolic and offers no political power.

Akihito abdicated Tuesday after reigning for three decades.

He said he will keep in mind his father's devotion to peace and stay close to the people.

That's what many Japanese hope Naruhito will pursue. "I have high hopes for him".

While the Chrysanthemum Throne refers to the monarchy itself, it is also the name of an actual octagonal throne that sits in the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which is used on special occasions. Crown Prince Fumihito, 53, and Fumihito's 12-year-old son, Prince Hisahito, can now succeed him.

Empress Masako later told reporters that she had accepted Naruhito's proposal after he said: "You might have fears and worries about joining the imperial household".

Naruhito was educated at Oxford University, while his wife, Masako, is a former diplomat with a degree from Harvard.

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