Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Is 'Really Scared' of Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden announces his 2020 candidacy

Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Is 'Really Scared' of Joe Biden

After quite a bit of speculation, former Vice-President Joe Biden launched his 2020 presidential run over the weekend. "This will come out as I come out across the campaign across here".

Biden has repeatedly led other 2020 candidates in polling before he even announced. He stood behind Biden at the Monday afternoon rally. "And the proof of that is that this ad did something none of the other Democrats have been able to do, and that's put Trump on the defensive".

The fervor inside the Teamsters union hall combined a nostalgia for President Obama with the conviction that Mr. Biden was electable and a belief that the former vice president would be a transitional figure on the way to the far-left government envisioned by party activists.

"When people take a look at my record versus Vice President Biden's record - I helped lead the fight against NAFTA, he voted for NAFTA", Sanders said on CNN on Monday night, adding that he also helped lead the fight against permanent normal trade relations with China, which Biden supported.

"Make America return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of people treating out people with dignity", he said. He then criticized GM for its recent announcement of more than 14,000 layoffs. All of these attacks on workers were carried out with the full support of the United Auto Workers union, which pushed through contracts opposed by the rank and file while highly paid union officials were collecting massive bribes from the auto bosses.

Trump disparaged both Biden and the endorsement in tweets claiming support from rank-and-file union members.

Biden began his remarks by referencing Saturday's fatal shooting at a synagogue in Poway, Calif. "We're tearing America apart instead of lifting it up".

A Biden ally was even more blunt about his appeal.

He also addressed health care, saying the Affordable Care Act approved while he was vice president to former President Barack Obama was "a huge step forward".

"We have to choose hope over fear, unity over divisions and maybe most importantly truth over lies", Mr. Biden said to cheers. This is the first of many moves to show Biden's support for the middle class.

"The middle class is hurting", Biden said, calling himself "Middle Class Joe". But no capitalist politician, Democratic or Republican, can be honest about such issues.

Biden went off on Trump's "nonsense" and brought up the fact there were anti-Semitic chants--ones that were caught on camera.

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