Kevin McCarthy: Donald Trump Jr. testimony wouldn't change Mueller report outcome

Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C. and Donald Trump Jr

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump Jr. More

The closed-door appearance could cover a broad array of topics, the source said. Schiff said that Cohen's statement had "false materials" and "omission of fact" with the "intended effect of impeding the investigation".

The committee had been in negotiations with Trump Jr. since December and had scheduled the interviews for March and April, according to one of the people familiar with his remarks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has defended Burr, telling his colleagues during the private GOP luncheon that he trusted the intelligence committee chairman. Trump Jr. first fell under scrutiny in the early summer of 2017, after it was revealed that he helped to organize, and then attend, a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower in New York City.

The deal comes after the panel subpoenaed the president's eldest son to discuss answers Trump Jr. gave the panel's staff in a 2017 interview.

Graham also appeared on "Fox News Sunday" to declare Congress's attempts to continue probing questions about Trump's 2016 campaign, its communications with Russian Federation, and potential obstruction of justice by the president "worthless", and said Trump, Jr. should not respond to the subpoena.

For the Senate Intelligence Committee to subpoena Mr. Trump's son and "not at least get a heads-up, I thought was - let's say bad form", he said.

The development capped a contentious episode that began when the panel, led by Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Ranking Member Mark Warner, D-Va., subpoenaed the president's son over remarks he made while testifying before the committee in 2017.

"If I were Donald Trump Jr.'s lawyer I would tell him, 'You don't need to go back into this environment anymore, you've been there for hours and hours and hours and nothing being alleged here changes the outcome of the Mueller investigation.' I would call it a day", Graham told Fox News.

"You know it's really a tough situation because my son spent, I guess, over 20 hours testifying about something that Mueller said was 100 percent OK". Republicans have already fiercely criticized Burr for pursuing the subpoena even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report was released. "But it seems very unfair to me". "He's indicated publicly that he believes they will find no collusion and we are hoping to get a report on that subject very soon".

"None of us tell Chairman Burr how to run his committee", McConnell said. Trump Jr. previously told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was "peripherally aware" of a Cohen-coordinated project in 2015-2016 to have a Trump Tower built in Moscow.

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