Leonardo DiCaprio: I saw River Phoenix the night he died

Leonardo DiCaprio: I saw River Phoenix the night he died

Leonardo DiCaprio: I saw River Phoenix the night he died

"I just reject your hypotheses", Tarantino retorted curtly.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's trailer sees Sharon go to watch herself in 1968 Dean Martin film The Wrecking Crew. "In so doing, Tarantino lets us access some of the love he so ardently wants us to feel for all his cherished arcana".

And there has been plenty of Oscar buzz surrounding her new role as Sharon Tate in the Tarantino epic. Why we don't hear her actually speaking very much.

"I think of it like my memory piece", director Tarantino said of the movie in a joint interview with Pitt and DiCaprio for Esquire's Summer Issue, on stands June 4.

"It wasn't meant to be ridiculously self-conscious, but there is a thing about summing up certain things, which I wasn't necessarily trying to do, but they started appearing", he said.

Robbie rescued the awkward moment, saying, "I think the moments I got on the screen gave an opportunity to honor Sharon".

Brad Pitt is on fine form as Cliff Booth: stunt artist, driver and friend of insecure actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio, inset).

Fans of Tarantino came to his aid, bringing up the fact that he's had films dominated by female leads, including "Kill Bill: Volume 1", "Kill Bill: Volume 2" and "Jackie Brown".

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is slated for a United Kingdom release on August 14.

"All that fed into the incredible comfort and ease that I think he and I had with one another". "The more you learn, the more concrete it gets; it doesn't make it clearer, it makes it more obscure the more you know", he said. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as TV star Rick Dalton, who is watching his star decline.

Quentin Tarantino's hotly anticipated flick, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", premiered at the French film festival Tuesday to a six-minute standing ovation.

Tarantino was visibly annoyed by the query, but Robbie, who was also on the panel, jumped in to try and answer the reporter's question.

Tarantino was made a free agent in Hollywood after the downfall of his regular producer, Harvey Weinstein. "And I've never done that before and now I know why: I was waiting for the flawless girl".

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