Levee breach leaves Iowa city under 6 feet of water

Davenport firefighters used a boat to ferry people from buildings surrounded by floodwater on Tuesday

Levee breach leaves Iowa city under 6 feet of water

The city's downtown area remained under water Friday, days after a temporary levee gave way.

The Mississippi River ticked above levels reached in the historic 1993 flood in Davenport, Iowa, making it the highest level there in 157 years.

The breach of the levee came as Iowa and Minnesota were bracing for flooding.

Portions of a downtown Iowa city were flooded after a levee meant to keep the Mississippi River's rising waters at bay failed, officials said.

Rivers and streams across northeast IL into northwest IN all are on the rise, many IN flood or nearing bank full this Wednesday morning.

A disaster proclamation has been issued by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker for 34 counties along the MS and Illinois rivers due to flooding. "That could change with heavy rain".

In other areas throughout the Midwest and the South, flooding has made roads impassable and forced the closure of two Mississippi River bridges in Quincy, Illinois, and Louisiana, Missouri. Since the levee is so long, officials say sandbagging is not an option. The river is expected to crest Wednesday night a few inches short of the record. "It's part of living in a floodplain".

The weather service's warning on Tuesday was lifted at about 7:30 p.m., but Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds thinks the situation could be worse Wednesday.

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