Massachusetts Man Says Mystery Intruder Broke Into His Home-and Cleaned It

Massachusetts man comes home to find someone broke into his home to clean

Nate Roman came home to find his house cleaned along with a toilet paper rose on the door handle

A Boston area man came home from work to find someone had broken into his house but soon discovered that nothing was missing and his home was sparkling clean.

A MA father arrived home last week to find that an intruder had broken into his home and cleaned it.

"It was a tense couple of days, just anxious", Roman said. He said returned home the night before and noticed that someone had been in his house.

After the initial shock wore off, the homeowner wrote that he realized he may have forgotten to lock his back door and noted the person didn't break anything while entering the home.

But after cautiously entering the property, the father-of-one instead discovered that nothing had been stolen and every room except the kitchen had been tidied up from top to bottom. "I went in to protective parent mode when I saw that my son's room had been cleaned and called the police".

He said his son's bedroom had been left messy in the morning, but when they arrived home that evening he found his son's stuffed animals stacked up neatly. They cleared the house to make sure no one was still there. There are no suspects.

Roman said he inspected his home and discovered nothing was missing. The uninvited guest had even left a toilet paper rose in the bathroom.

The security system was also not set so cameras that would be activated when the alarm goes off did not get images of the intruder.

Roman explained that the visitor made the beds, vacuumed his rugs and scrubbed the toilets.

He has since changed his locks and admits that he is still opening cabinets very carefully in case something unexpected was left behind. "I'm pretty sure, based on the quality of the toilet paper flowers, that this was a professional that made a mistake", he told CBS News.

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