Microsoft Build 2019: The 10 Biggest Announcements In Azure And Microsoft 365


Microsoft Build 2019: The 10 Biggest Announcements In Azure And Microsoft 365

Microsoft's new and improved Chromium-based Edge browser seems to just keep getting better.

Microsoft in early April shipped the first Canary and Developer builds of its Chromium-powered Edge browser.

Monday at Microsoft Build 2019, Microsoft Corp.'s annual developer conference, the company showcased new technologies for developers of all kinds to create intelligent and productive solutions. Options highlighted include Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict, each with a unique blend that impacts how trackers and custom ads affect your browsing experience.

He also added that these platforms are "rich canvases" to enable developers to turn dreams into reality, building "magical experiences" that empower people (among other things) to help others connect, relax, and have fun.

"We are very committed to creating a tremendous opportunity going forward with gaming, and it starts with the same metaphor that we used for Microsoft 365". This means there are some web sites and web apps out there that won't work properly in modern browsers.

At last month's Google Cloud Next conference, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian introduced Anthos, a hybrid cloud management product based on Kubernetes that allows customers to run managed container services on multiple cloud or hybrid cloud deployments. The framework will be available to developers later this year via a software development kit. Edge uses a different rendering engine than what many web developers develop for, which means those used in Chrome and Apple's Safari.

Microsoft believes that one of the fundamental frustrations with today's browsers in enterprises is the need to have multiple browsers.

But with tomorrow's virtual agents, that shouldn't be a problem, since Microsoft is integrating the technology from a company called Semantic Machines acquired previous year with its main bot-building developer platform, the Bot Framework.

Now, Microsoft has announced what some of those new features will be. Microsoft Graph is a service that provides more context about how an organization's work flows across various documents, applications and devices.

This new feature could be particularly useful for students and professionals who use the internet for research, and it will have Microsoft Office integration.

MyAnalytics, meanwhile, is a new service set to be launched in the summer that will help workers to prioritize their "focus time", which are blocks of time they reserve on their calendars for when they want to work without interruptions.

Microsoft 365 delivers integrated, secure productivity experiences for everyone - from the largest companies to small businesses and from knowledge workers to Firstline Workers.

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