Microsoft rolls out new cloud services for AI, blockchain

Microsoft rolls out new cloud services for AI, blockchain

Microsoft rolls out new cloud services for AI, blockchain

Farooq added that "Azure will bring unique strengths to enterprise clients using Quorum". The beauty of distributed ledgers is the ability to model a database and financial system exactly to the needs you have without significant annual cash outflow, and Microsoft allowing users to set up a cloud-enabled blockchain with minimal resources may be a stepping stone from corporate held databases to individual databases.

As part of this, Microsoft has also partnered up with J.P. Morgan to make Quorum the first ledger available in Azure Blockchain Service. The device, which overlays digital information on the real world, will cost $3,500 and is aimed businesses uses like safety training and complex fix work.

Microsoft revealed its complete Azure Blockchain Service.

"We are able to take reinforcement learning and ship it in a way that's accessible to developers and doesn't require a data scientist", Lance Olson, director of program management for applied AI at Microsoft, said in a statement. Microsoft says there are many uses for blockchain that need to be explored.

This can also be combined with a retailer's current recommendation engine, it was said.

Alongside the public launch of Azure Blockchain Service, Microsoft announced its partnership with J.P. Morgan aimed at accelerating the adoption of enterprise blockchain. The new open modelling language connects IoT devices to the cloud, letting developers deploy at scale.

The biggest advantage of the new tools are the coding benefits; with synthetic inputs, users can make artificial intelligence models without writing underlying code and the models can be "trained" using the business owner's data on the cloud.

And finally, Azure Blockchain Service provides a system for developers to create, manage, and govern consensus-based blockchain networks.

Once your network is created and smart contract state machines are deployed, you must build an application in order for consortium participants to share business logic and data represented by the smart contracts. To whet our appetites, the company has unveiled a crop of new Azure and Internet-of-Things services with, as we should no doubt expect these days, a focus on machine learning and blockchain. She recently gave a talk at a leading technical publishers conference about how changes in Web technology may impact publishers' bottom lines.

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