More G-Suite apps get native dark mode

Google Calendar Dark Mode

More G-Suite apps get native dark mode

A few Reddit users have recently shared that Dark Mode is finally making its way to the Drive App. After updating the Google Calendar and Google Keep apps, you can enable dark more by following the below steps.

Dark mode, according to YouTube, is created to "cut down" on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch. Remarkably, the Dark Mode highlight that was seen in past WhatsApp beta updates before being evacuated, has now been renamed to Night Mode in the most recent variant. Effectively every other Google app has been undergoing similar changes at the same time or has been spotted with a dark mode in the works. If you don't see these options ensure you're using the latest application versions by checking for any updates on the Google Play store.

Nearly all applications under Google's umbrella are getting dark modes, and now the company is rolling out dark themes for Google Keep and Google Calendar. That's picked up over the past several months too, in preparation for system-wide dark mode in the upcoming update to Android Q. The two apps, according to the company, have received very high demand for dark mode. That will apply to all menus, notification bars, and other UI in the system but, as noted above, will also enable the mode in Android apps that are set up to follow the theme change. It is said to be both power saving and comfortable for eyes. In both cases, Google says it can take up to 15 days for the updates to reach everyone.

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