Panasonic 'suspends transactions' with Huawei after U.S. ban

Panasonic 'suspends transactions' with Huawei after U.S. ban

Panasonic 'suspends transactions' with Huawei after U.S. ban

Until we have the information and confidence that ensures our customers will get support for the lifetime of their devices with us, then we've got the Huawei devices on pause.

ALPHABET INC: Google on May 19 suspended the transfer of hardware, software and technical services to Huawei, except what it has made publicly available via open source licensing.

Japan's Panasonic said on Thursday (May 23) that it is suspending business with Huawei after a USA ban on the Chinese firm over security fears, and in a potentially more consequential blow, United Kingdom chip designer Arm Holdings, an important supplier to Huawei, also said it has halted relations with it.

Telecommunications suppliers have said that without a major, low-priced supplier like Huawei, the process of rolling out 5G - an upgrade in a country where 4G coverage is still spotty - could be far more costly and may be delayed by years.

Trump said the government was banning American companies from using telecom technology and services provided by entities deemed a national security threat, a move apparently targeting Huawei.

Huawei said Wednesday that it recognised "the pressure" placed on its suppliers, and that it was "confident this regrettable situation can be resolved".

The company stated that it "is a temporary measure while uncertainty exists regarding new Huawei 5G devices".

Outside of Japan, the BBC reported Wednesday that Arm has notified its employees that it is suspending business with Huawei.

EE, a BT-owned mobile carrier, is launching its first 5G network on May 30 and initially had plans to carry the Huawei Mate 20 X and later the Mate X foldable 5G enabled phones.

China's foreign minister has slammed United States moves against Huawei as "economic bullying", and warned that Beijing was ready to "fight to the very end" in its trade war with Washington.

France's position, President Emmanuel Macron told a technology conference last week, "is not to block Huawei or any other company". According to the company's Chinese website, Panasonic is continuing to supply Huawei as usual. The UK reportedly ignored the warning and will use Huawei equipment in the non-core systems of the future network.

A similar story goes for Germany-based Infineon Technologies which says some of its supplies come from the US.

"We will closely monitor relevant developments and prepare necessary responses", he said, without elaborating.

As a result, future Huawei smartphones will not be installed with the latest version of Android, unless Huawei is given a special licence by the USA government. "It is a hard time for Huawei", Fu said.

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