Pompeo Admits US Firms 'Cooperate' With Gov't Amid Huawei Crackdown

Pompeo Admits US Firms 'Cooperate' With Gov't Amid Huawei Crackdown

Pompeo Admits US Firms 'Cooperate' With Gov't Amid Huawei Crackdown

Unless a deal is struck between the U.S. and China which will see the ban on trade lifted, Huawei will have to look for a different operating system to replace Android for its smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately, the US Government has put the blame on Huawei based on confidential information that it has not shared with the public and this is why it's impossible to tell how real and how big the threat from Huawei really is. As a direct effect of the USA ban, many companies have limited, or ceased collaboration with the Chinese tech giant.

"And it's something that the United States Department of Defense has pushed back against, too".

Huawei then sued the USA government for this ban which also included calls by the Federal government for US companies to using Huawei equipment which also saw Huawei pull put from plans to launch their smartphones in the U.S. United States "blacklisting" it, Google withdrawing it's license and much more has happened.

"Not the least it brings apprehension among buyers, limiting Huawei's growth in the near term", he added.

The temporary license, however, restricted Huawei from purchasing any US components (whether hardware or software) to manufacture new devices.

Will Huawei US Ban Effect the Company's Revenue Growth? Huawei denies installing such backdoors or working for the Chinese government. Huawei is the largest maker of 5G infrastructure in the world.

EE said that they will only restock Huawei devices after the company can assure its customers, long-term usability of the devices. Huawei came into existence since 1987.

The most devastating blow hit the corporation a week ago when Google, the search giant that owns Android reported it was cutting ties with Huawei. It would also mean that major app developers are unable to create apps for the brand and its new OS, even if Huawei launches its own operating system.

Aside from delisting Huawei products from its online store, Microsoft has gone ahead and revoked Huawei's Windows license. Huawei users were left puzzled about whether their phones will continue getting Android updates and whether Google Playstore and maps will be available for use.

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