Robert Pattinson Is The Frontrunner To Play The Next Batman

Robert Pattinson Is The Frontrunner To Play The Next Batman

Robert Pattinson Is The Frontrunner To Play The Next Batman

After a series of underperforming flicks that saw Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck exit from their roles as Superman and Batman, Robert Pattinson could be taking the reins as the caped crusader.

Robert Pattinson is reportedly in negotiations to play Batman in Matt Reeves' superhero movie, set to be released on June 25, 2021.

Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the speculation. The script is still undergoing some final polish, with pre-production slated to begin this summer.

Though there has been no official start date set for The Batman, Variety reports that filming could as soon as the end of this year or in early 2020. "To want to play Batman NOW must mean he has one helluva vision for the character - and it'll enable him to keep doing those auteurist films". At present, the Twilight actor is said to be "holding the edge" over Hoult, though the report notes that both actors are liked by the casting team. It's likely that Warner Bros. was playing things close to the vest with the frequent updates of the studio's behind-the-scenes troubles.

As ET previously reported, Reeves signed on to helm the standalone DC Comics film in February 2017 after Ben Affleck stepped down as director.

Pattinson, who starred as Edward Cullen in the "Twilight Saga" films, has recently been on the indie beat, acting in art house films like this year's "High Life, " from director Claire Denis.

Fandango's managing editor wrote, "HOT TAKE: Robert Pattinson will be the best Batman out of all of them". Pattinson will be the second youngest actor to take on the role of millionaire vigilante Bruce Wayne, just behind Christian Bale at 31.

The Batman will be released as a standalone movie.

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