Samsung unveils a vertical TV for millennials

The Samsung Sero vertical television

The Samsung Sero vertical television Credit Samsung

It can also connect to a phone using NFC so that you can broadcast whatever's on your mobile screen to the TV when it's in vertical mode. Cleverly, if the content changes from portrait to landscape, the TV screen will rotate horizontally to the conventional TV form.

The Sero also includes a microphone for Bixby support and a 4.1-channel, 60-watt sound setup.

Made available for the South Korean market first, The Sero bridges the gap between concept and objective, calling it a lifestyle TV.

Samsung continues to maintain its lead in innovation in the smart TV industry with topnotch products in the face of stiff competition from the likes of LG.

According to a press release from Samsung, the TV is meant to encourage owners to stream social media, video, images and music to a larger device.

Samsung president Jang Hee Han gives you an idea of The Sero's size in real life.

At a pop-up store promotional event in Gangnam-gu, Seoul yesterday, Samsung showed off three new TVs for its domestic market.

There are those, however, who might see the value in a device like this and it is those particular consumers Samsung is hoping to service in the near future with its new "The Sero" TV. "We will think outside the box to bring different types of screens and different user experiences".

The Samsung Sero will be able to switch between horizontal and vertical orientations, making it simple to swop from Game of Thrones to your friend's Snapchat. Still, one can dream, and with TV tech inevitably dropping in price over time, could this be the start of things to come? The Sero is slated to cost roughly 1.9 million won, or $1,630, when released late next month.

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