Sia performed wigless at Kanye West's Sunday service

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Kim and Kanye have previously said they're Christians, and their choice is said to be "a good reflection of where the couple are spiritually", a source told People.

The source added that Kim and Kanye spend lots of time deliberating about names for their offspring before agreeing on a choice: "Kanye would never just choose a name that Kim doesn't like, or vice versa", said the source.

On May 7, Kim Kardashian finally announced to the world her new child's name with a tweet. However, turns out that the name of the baby was chosen by Kanye West.

Psalm is a rather unisex name, though it ranks higher in popularity with boys than girls.

After a couple of Sunday Services, Ye and his wife Kim have chose to name their son Psalm West.

From his name alone, it's clear that Psalm has biblical origins - "psalm" means "song" in Hebrew.

"Beautiful Mother's Day", he wrote in the message.

Another source mentioned how the name held importance for Kanye and when he presented it to Kim she ultimately agreed.

"I think the name is attractive but it's not one likely to be copied in playgrounds across the U.S. or United Kingdom as it's a little too leftfield for most".

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Kanye West performs at "Sunday Service at the Mountain".

Additionally, his Sunday Services have been known to include a huge amount of music and dancing - more so than your average church service might.

Although Kim Kardashian does not host Sunday Services nor is she a musician, she has been by her husband's side through everything, so we have no doubt it's a name that the TV starlet loves as well.

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