St Lucia quarantines United States cruise ship over measles case

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That Sea Org member says that only one person was infected and that the "outbreak" was contained. The Freewinds is scheduled to depart St. Lucia at noon Thursday, according to NBC News. The Freewinds is the name of the Church of Scientology's 134.11m cruise ship.

Health officials did not identify the cruise ship, but a sergeant with the St Lucia Coast Guard told NBC that the vessel is "Freewinds", the 440-foot boat owned by the Church of Scientology.

According to the Church's website, the ship is used to hold religious retreats "ministering the most advanced level of spiritual counselling in the Scientology religion".

The church did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

"Today, the ship's doctor requested 100 doses of the Measles vaccine and this is now being provided from our supplies, at no cost", according to the senior health official.

"Persons who have taken note of the news would be aware of the current situation in the United States, where there are outbreaks of measles", James said.

According to CNN, health officials received a tip from two sources that someone on board the Freewinds had measles, a highly contagious virus that is easily spread by coughing, sneezing, and really any contact with the infected person. St. Lucia learned about the crew member's condition from a International Health Regulation focal point official in the Dutch Caribbean and then verified the diagnosis through other health agencies, the St. Lucia health department said.

She added that the ship's physician has got the confirmed case in isolation on the ship, and they are now in a stable condition.

In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter the Church of Scientology regarding vaccination said "it takes no position one way or the other on this issue". If the country asks the ship to leave, the vessel would then return to the nearest worldwide port of the country where it is registered. It says the vessel's home port is Curacao.

"Scientologists are pretty independent people, though I will say this: they tend to do a little more research, perhaps, on the effect of various medical procedures or whatever", he said.

In her YouTube announcement, James referred to the current measles outbreaks in the US, and advised residents traveling to the USA and other parts of the world that they ensure they and their children are adequately vaccinated against the disease.

The orders in St Lucia and California, as well as other urgent public health measures in NY and across the United States, come as the number of cases in the country has hit a 25-year high.

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