Tiger Woods responds to drunk-driving suit amid allegations tapes were 'destroyed'

Tiger Woods sued over restaurant staffer’s fatal drunk driving crash

Tiger Woods responds to drunk-driving suit amid allegations tapes were 'destroyed'

The family of Nicholas Immesberger, a bartender who died in a auto crash past year, is suing Woods, his girlfriend and his restaurant company, saying they "fueled" his death by over-serving him alcohol and then sending him to his vehicle to drive home.

The lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County alleges Immesberger, who attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drank heavily at Woods' restaurant for almost three hours after his bartending shift ended at 3 p.m. on December 10, 2018.

Immesberger was reportedly drinking at the restaurant for three hours after finishing his shift that day, and then drove himself home in his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette. It was later revealed that his blood alcohol level was.256 at the time of the fatal crash, more than three times the legal limit. Immesberger was 24-year-old bartender at The Woods Jupiter. We have evidence to show that that videotape, showing Nick at the bar that night after he got off at 3 p.m., drinking for three hours at the bar, was destroyed shortly after the crash had occurred.

Tiger Woods, right with his daughter Sam Alexis Woods, left, and his girlfriend Erica Herman, centre, walk along the Colonnade following a ceremony where President Donald Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods at the White House in Washington, Monday, May 6, 2019.

Immesberger, who was 24 when he died on December 10, was a bartender at The Woods.

According to the suit, Woods, Herman and other employees were aware of Immesberger's alcoholism but continued to over-serve him during and after his shifts.

Kuvin said there had been surveillance footage of Immesberger drinking extensively on the night of the crash, but claims that the restaurant destroyed it. "It was a awful, bad night", Woods said.

He lost control of the vehicle around 6pm, swerving across three lanes before his auto flew through the air and crashed into the grass along Federal Highway in Port Salerno, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The suit said employees were allowed to drink on and off the job at The Woods.

The lawsuit seeks "in excess of" $US15,000.

"In fact, employees and managers knew that Immesberger had attended Alcoholic Anonymous meetings prior to the night of his crash and was attempting to treat his disease". It also states the golfer himself "knew Immesberger personally and through information and believe (sic), Herman had discussed Immesberger and his drinking of alcohol with Tiger".

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