Trump unleashes: 'I don't do cover-ups'

JIM WATSON  Contributor

JIM WATSON  Contributor

A day after President Donald Trump walked out of a meeting with congressional Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared emboldened by the fracas, capitalizing on the showdown to move past her party's growing divisions regarding the prospect of impeaching the president.

Prominent Trump critic George Conway on Thursday posted a picture of President Trump's $35,000 check to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, along with a quote from Trump's Wednesday press conference: "I don't do cover-ups". "I wish his family, his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country".

The House speaker expressed concern for the president's well-being, referencing Trump's departure from an infrastructure meeting with Democratic leaders Wednesday.

Trump said it was impossible to work on such legislation as long as Democrats were continuing their "phony" investigations of him.

Taking aim at Trump, Pelosi said she was "not surprised" he had left and told the room how Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt would have acted differently.

Since taking control of the House in January, Democrats have opened a series of probes into the Trump presidency, despite Mueller's findings.

He explained he would not negotiate on legislation with Democrats while they insist on continuing various "investigations", which all more or less follow on their failed FBI special counsel investigation in which Trump was cleared of their charges his 2016 campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

Pelosi said that Trump's behavior "in terms of his obstruction of justice", including ignoring congressional subpoenas "could be impeachment offenses".

"We remain committed to providing appropriate information to all authorized investigations and will abide by a court order regarding such investigations", Deutsche Bank said in a statement ahead of the hearing. "I don't do cover-ups", Trump flatly stated, also claiming that he was the "most transparent president" in history.

"Maybe he wants to take a leave of absence", she said. Trump put Congress on notice in a letter Tuesday night saying that the $2 trillion infrastructure proposal would be contingent upon Congress backing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the regional trade deal that would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.

In fact, the Democratic-controlled House has passed several bills on issues including firearms background checks, prescription drugs and campaign finance reforms - though they were dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled Senate. "We can walk and chew gum at the same time". She claimed that it went down earlier in the day.

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