Trump 'very surprised' by Senate panel subpoena for Don Jr

A view of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery

A view of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery

When the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday to answer questions about Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, Republicans immediately berated their colleague Richard Burr, the Republican chair of the committee.

The sources said Trump Jr is expected to cite his Fifth Amendment constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination, a day after reports that the Republican-led panel had issued what is the first publicly known subpoena for a member of the president's family.

Lawmakers on the Republican-led committee, which is among several congressional panels investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election, want to question Trump Jr. about his contacts with Moscow.

In a series of remarks to reporters Thursday, Blumenthal noted that the younger Trump lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017 when asked about the Trump Tower meeting.

Those close to Trump are exasperated that Republican Sen. Trump also said he had already testified for a "massive amount of time".

Top Republicans criticized the committee's decision to subpoena Trump Jr.

"It's time to move on", McCarthy wrote. Burr and the top Democrat on the committee, Virginia Sen.

The committee is still investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election even after special counsel Robert Mueller spent around two years and tens of millions of dollars on his own probe, concluding that several groups of Russians interfered in the election but that no Americans conspired or cooperated with them. Endless investigations-by either party-won't change the fact that there was NO collusion.

"Apparently the Republican chair of the Senate Intel Committee didn't get the memo from the majority leader that this case was closed", Sen.

Warner would not comment on whether the panel had issued the subpoena but said the committee is going to "follow the truth wherever it leads".

The immediate backlash from Republican lawmakers has fortified Trump Jr.'s allies, they say, and will continue to push for more of them to come out against the move.

The Trump administration is also refusing to turn over copies of the president's personal and business tax documents requested by House Democrats.

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