UK cross-party Brexit talks end without agreement

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The Farageian phoenix has risen from the flames

While the Remain vote remains split between several parties, the Lib Dems have become the top choice for Remain voters.

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May's 10 Downing St. office said Brady spoke with the prime minister's agreement, and insisted May remained focused "on securing our departure from the EU" by getting backing for her European Union divorce deal.

May on May 17 informing her that the Brexit talks, which began on April 3, had "gone as far as they can" due to the instability of her government.

May agreed on Thursday to set out a timetable for her departure in early June, after a fourth and final attempt to push her Brexit deal through parliament.

The deal has already been defeated three times on grounds that provisions related to the Irish border could see Britain stuck in a customs union with the EU for an indefinite amount of time. If it failed, her resignation would likely follow quickly.

Theresa May's decision to announce on Thursday night that she would set out a timetable for her Downing Street departure following the next Brexit vote in June also played a role in the breakdown.

"The Prime Minister has announced the date she's leaving, there have been increasing noises off stage by Conservative Cabinet ministers and others who don't agree with much of the talks or any of the discussions we are holding, so we are concluding the talks".

Besides the fundamental differences in the two sides' positions, a key concern for Labour was engaging in talks when there was no guarantee that any consensus would be honoured by the successor of May, who is due to resign in the near future.

"It is sad because when I was 16 I joined, I was canvassing and leafletting, I really really felt passionate and overtime they've let me down".

He also said the prospect of a change in Tory leadership meant the government was becoming "ever more unstable and its authority eroded" and Labour could not be confident in any cross-party agreement being delivered. However, Cabinet ministers repeated rejections of such a proposal only served to drive a wedge between negotiators, making the likelihood of an agreement unlikely. And despite assurances we have been given on protection of environmental, food and animal welfare standards, the International Trade Secretary has confirmed that importing chlorinated chicken as part of a USA trade deal remains on the table.

Corbyn said Friday that "without significant changes, we will continue to oppose the government's deal, as we do not believe it safeguards jobs, living standards and manufacturing industry in Britain".

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the talks with Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative government had "gone as far as they can".

Cross-party Brexit talks are set to end with no agreement reached, it has been reported.

Looking uncomfortable as she delivered a televised message to voters ahead of the European Parliament elections, May suggested Labour's internal divisions over a second referendum were to blame for the failure of the talks.

The Eurosceptic party, formed by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage in January, are the third most popular north of the border - one point behind Labour.

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